A Whole New World?

The world, as we have come to know it, is over in many ways due to the COVID-19 virus. The way we think and feel about our global health care system, safety measures, low wage workers, racial division, religious intolerance, global travel and more have been turned upside down and exposed. We are a mess of greed and self-serving politics that have orchestrated this demise and karma has come to collect. It's time to release this trajectory and embrace a new way of existing with equality in mind. I'm not advocating for communism or socialism... just pointing out that the capitalistic approach to life, in its' current form, is not a sustainable option. We need to examine the role we may each have played in submitting to inequality and survival of the fittest as the only way. Earth is a wonder world filled with many resources and a very delicate and complex system of checks and balances. The lack of effort to care for it properly and hoarding its natural resources impacts our ability to produce long-term sustainability for humanity as well as all sentient beings. We have simply forgotten where we come from. The cosmos and earth make up our physical existence. We're composed of star-dust and all the elements found on earth which is amazing. This is what Jesus was referring to when he said, the kingdom of God is within you, (Luke 17:21). Many sages and gurus have proclaimed the same throughout history. As the cosmos represents God and the heavens, our spirit home, the earth and our bodies represent our ever-changing physical home. We are spirits in bodies having a human experience (Pierre Teilhard, French philosopher) and its high time we as global citizens accept this truth. Change is constant, consistent and can be painful, however, we need to discuss the elephant in the room, which is fear,in order to take the necessary steps towards healing and co - creating new habits and ways to coexist peacefully. The divide and conquer approach isn't a healthy way to thrive and reach our fullest potential as a global society. Sacrifices will have to be made and new ways of solving issues will be required for the sanctity of life on the planet. There's only one earth that we know of for sure so why continue to destroy it and it's inhabitants? Resistance to change will make it all the more painful. Think about your own physical growth for a moment. We start as infants and end up as adults because we change throughout our lifetime. Do you still sleep in a crib and get trotted around in a stroller at 50 yrs old? No. You grew out of it and accepted that as a natural evolution of your life experience. We are all at the point that we need to change. What we can do as individuals is to work on our selves and improve our relationship with Source. The more grounded and aware you are of your divinity the more effective your life experience will be. You want a peaceful planet? Start with yourself. You want to see a more equal playing field for equality and improved human conditions? Start with yourself. All change begins within our minds and the emotions that we attach to them, followed by our actions about them. You are right where you are because you have chosen it. All that we experience in life begins with our thoughts. Our life reflects our ideas about ourselves as people and groups (e.g. family, cultures, friends etc.). If you find yourself in a situation that is unfit and toxic hopefully you address it and act on fixing and healing it. If not, then you are doomed to repeat it in the next situation. Mistakes are repeated until we learn to stop doing the same things over and over. The planet and our global system of operations are in need of a deep healing cleanse on all levels. This virus is a game changer in the way we view life and its' intertwined details that affect us all. No one is better than the next and no life is worthless. We who are awake have to hold space for healing and reconstructing a healthier alternative to living as we have come to know. It's time to co- create a new world where all  people and beings are essential and put the divisive behavior to rest. We deserve to be humbled in our arrogance, greed and lack of responsibility for tending to the earth properly. Karma is the gift that keeps on giving until you change your course. Let's join together and change course on a mass conscious level so that we, "Don't fuck it up," as Ru Paul puts it. Cheers to a whole new world!


Tarot Terry

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