Change And Death

Now that the planet has everyone's attention with the pandemic COVID-19 virus, I am reminded of two things which are integral factors of life - change and death are certain. Change is constant. Without it, life would not evolve and all that it has to offer would not exist. Death, on the other hand, is a return to the source of our origins, our spiritual essence as it were. We are made of the same energy that exists in the cosmos which is in constant motion. Energy is movement and nothing happens without making some kind of move, be it in our thoughts or actions. Life is about constantly being on the move and open to the changes we are all facing at every given moment. Believing that life is static and set is a recipe for disaster.

This is why yogi's and spiritual teachers tell us to be in the flow of life and not resist it's ever changing tides, for it is futile and foolish to think that one has the ability to control one's life. We are at the mercy of life's energy shifts and cosmic makeup. Being focused on the present is a great way to approach change. When you are putting your attention on the past you stunt your life experience and those around you. While it's important and healthy to remember where you came from, it's just as important to live in the present and keep in mind that the future is yet to be. Nothing lasts forever so it is best to focus on the present moment and know the future will bring change.

Death is a transition from one phase or plane to another. We all are under its influence; from our aging bodies to the change of seasons on the planet we can't escape death. The body is a magnificent technological marvel that starts to decay from the moment we're born. We aren't aware of this very much until we're older and have a look back at our laissez faire attitude in our youth. This is why death shouldn't be feared, but rather embraced as a journey to the great beyond. Our bodies were designed to last a long time so we could experience life to the fullest extent possible. But because we are consumed with war, violence, destruction of our environment and chemical dependence we have cut our life span short. Death is a necessary factor of life for it clears out the old and brings in the new.

Now is the time to take a look at the reality of death and our mortality as a human species. Death has no preference or boarders. When the time comes for any of us to die... we will certainly die. It's a fact of life and everything and everyone will experience it. At this time we are being forced to look at our actions as a human race, actions that can cause pandemics such as this to occur. While death is certain, it doesn't have to be hastened through careless acts based in greed and fear. It's time for each of us to make some deep profound changes and become more invested in promoting a global outlook that benefits everyone.

If you feel the desire to create positive changes in your life, but feel stuck, please reach out to me for a consultation. Now is the time to help co create a new global thought process that is based in compassion and sustainability.


Tarot Terry

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