Fear As Fuel

Have you ever reached a place in your life and realized you are in a state of fear and don't know how to respond? I recently hit a fear based space that had me in such a serious state of anxiety I actually reached out for council from another trusted adviser. The information I received was so clear and the energy was so on point, that I was able to identify what was holding me back. I saw an image of an elderly man dressed in an embroidered robe with symbols and a pointy brown hat with a long tassel. He had a long gray beard and was tall and frail looking. I could tell he was powerful and holy as he drew closer to me watching me intently. I silently asked him what his message was for me. He then told me, I am your fear of leaving old beliefs behind. That did it for me... It was a light bulb going off in the dark panic pool I had been in. Hot damn, I found my fear based source and acknowledged it. It was amazing! Those of you who have experienced readings with me know how I get animated... Well, I did the same thing with the reader as I described to her all the details and the information that I was downloading (i.e receiving the information for those in unfamiliar with this territory) and she listened attentively to me, like I do with my clients. I saw just how deep my connection ran with holding a poverty conscience mentality from past lives. No matter what life I experienced... I made an ancient agreement to never be wealthy based upon my talents as a servant in the spiritual realm. Oh, it was fine if I chose to be rich and not give a damn about my souls source, but to become rich through my wealth of spiritual gifts was not on the table. Talk about self imposed hell... What kind of living is that? Where is the balance? Why agree to make a limited life experience? Boy did I had a ton of questions and scenario's playing in my mind. Where to begin with this new discovery? Well, I sat with it. I let myself feel all the imagined karmic ties coming undone and the absolute worst results. They were so comical and stupid. Then, I went full force with my fantasy of success and having it all. That was freaking awesome! So, I decided to go for the latter and choose that as my intended life goal, leaving the other behind. To make sure it was out of my 'karmic tail' (karmic tail- your personal records of karma. Book a session...) I blew up the image of the old man and all the energy that came with him and made a new agreement to live out my desired life experience. I am somebody and the universe is mine... as the lyric says. You see, I turned the fear into fuel to move me into a positive reinforced position that assured the success I seek to experience. Join me in choosing your highest good and stop the needless drama based suffering so many of us are partaking in. Free yourself from old worn out belief systems that are based in fear and guilt. Come walk with me on the path to authenticity and freedom to express it. Be here now! Jump into the depths of your emotions and step full on into your dreams... The universe has your back if you just leap like The Fool, who steps over the ledge into the void knowing the ground will appear. The fear is merely fuel that propels you to jump, instead of remaining in discomfort. Fear is an illusion like all other thoughts and emotions that flow through us. The only way to deal with fear is to embrace it , dismantle all doubts, and transform it into power that works for you. Think of it as divine discontent that shakes you awake to take action in the direction you desire to go. Namaste & Ashe, Tarot Terry

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