It All Starts With You

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

One of the most beautiful things I witness in the work I do is when a client realizes their life experiences are based upon their highest idea about themselves. I too, was amazed when it happened to me. We all do it. We experience the very things in life that we believe we deserve based upon our thoughts about ourselves. Yes, there are plenty of factors that come into play which we have no control over, but in the end our reality is shaped by our thought and emotional patterns and how we respond to them. You are what you think, what you focus your thoughts and emotions on . This creates your reality and shapes your relationships. Where our thoughts lie the energy flies.

This is why it's important to tend to your thoughts and emotions. We come with a conscience and emotions that are powerful sources of raw energy that will either serve us or be our undoing. This is why the creator designed us with a free will and creativity that allows us to express ourselves freely as individuals. Look at it this way: Our brain is our information and inspiration center; our emotions are the fuel that pushes us to project or retreat, while our conscience is the director. When we fuse all three components together we will express that inner reality in our environment .

So the current state of your life... It all starts with you. This is why meditation, mantras and intention prayers are valuable tools to incorporate into your life. They provide a platform to filter out negative thoughts and emotions which can turn into a negative life experience. If you don't like the state you are in then change your mindset and your emotional response and trust that change will occur. I encourage you to give yourself permission to shift your inner thought process and habitual emotional responses. You'll be amazed with the results when you release the old visualized version of yourself.


Tarot Terry

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