My Secret Weapon

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and told by the doctor that I had slim chances of surviving much longer. Having my prostate surgically removed was not an option, for it would potentially spread even further throughout my body and chemo was not much better. He then told me about radiation therapy and lupron (leuprolide), a powerful drug that was receiving high success rates in tackling aggressive forms of cancer like mine and that I should seriously consider taking it and radiation together. Needless to say, I left stunned and in disbelief at the words I just heard as my life was now put on high alert status. The amount of stress that I was experiencing at the time just got a lot heavier and confusing. When I got home, I immediately went online to research lupron and radiation therapy's success rates and testimonials. It was interesting to read the results and scary as hell to find out the side effects of undergoing the treatments. But the more I read, the more I felt comfortable taking the route my doctor had proposed earlier. A sense of calm came over me when I finally decided this was the best course of action for me to pursue. So I emailed him and told him to go ahead and set me up. He was very happy with my choice and made arrangements for me the following week to begin. As I sat back in my chair at my desk, my thoughts turned to people who had beat cancer and were thriving. That's when I decided that I was going to do the same. If I can successfully heal others why not myself? Having been a student at Psychic Horizons School in San Francisco, Ca back in the late 80's, I was reminded of the energy healing work I did. This was the spark I was looking for! It was then I started to work on myself using the tools of meditation and healing work. Every day, I would meditate with a focus on my body having the cancer cells removed successfully and replaced with fresh new cells that would fight any potential new growth. This was followed with me seeing my body as healed and full of energy, light and love, which would calm and center me. Over time I began to feel more relaxed and at peace. For the next several months (actually, almost a year) I would perform the same meditation on my body and immune system. I even incorporated my central nervous system and lymph nodes into the ritual just to cover my basis. Along with a clean diet and high doses of CBD oil and several cups of cannabis tea my numbers dropped drastically. The radiologist team were amazed at my progress rate and my calm attitude during the treatments. They confided in me that most people would've been very ill with such high doses as I was receiving and that my demeanor and attitude was amazing. When I shared my 'secret weapon' with them, they didn't think it was crazy at all because a healthy mindset produces healthy results. It's been almost 3yrs now and I'm thriving cancer free! Life is much more appreciated and filled with purpose for me to be a contributor through my service. Every week I make sure to do my 'cosmic-cleanse meditation' to keep things on track. For more meditation tips or an energy healing contact me and make an appointment today.


Tarot Terry

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