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During times of intense change it's important to take time out to stop and breathe. When we take time to assess our current state, we are creating a space for potential insights in order to maximize our growth experience with grace. Growing pains are a part of this thing called life. Sometimes growth can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, especially when it involves the physical, but I'm addressing the world of habitual choices that define our life experiences. Because our spirit is limitless and our body is limited we often find this union at odds. When this occurs we must take stock of our reality and see how it measures up to our inner truth. Are we living fully and honestly? Is there room for new growth?

Review. When we take a look back at our life history we are accessing the interconnecting lines that led us to our present state. This is important to do when we are faced with making a choice that will potentially improve our life experience for the better. Remember where you came from in order to avoid moving backward. It is beneficial in making choices that serve your highest intent to look at your past experiences. What experiences are you assured of not repeating? Are you paying attention to the triggers you are being shown?

Reflect. When we reflect we are able to see and relate to a situation that happened in our life's history from a safe space. This is why it's important to meditate and express our emotions. When we reflect we are gifting ourselves answers to the keys of our life experience and how we emotionally respond to it. It also shows us just how powerful and instrumental we are in creating the life that we have. Emotions are fuel that empower our dreams and thoughts which lead us to take action. Taking the time to check our emotional body is crucial when facing times of change. Are you stuck in a rut emotionally? Do you have any fears that are holding you back form expressing your truth?

Reframe. Here's the tricky part... There will be times in our relationships, work, and income, when these factors will suddenly become uncomfortable causing us to re-examine our situation in order to create necessary beneficial changes. Many people choose to remain in their discomfort out of fear; while others gladly embrace the opportunity to expand and explore the new path presented to them. When we change our mind about something we change our life because our thoughts and emotions create our reality. You are what you think. Have you grown accustomed to being stuck? Are you living the dream you always imagined?

If you find yourself unable to come up with satisfactory answers to the questions posed, it may be beneficial for you to book a session with me to explore them further in depth. Invest in yourself today and have a brighter tomorrow. It's better to live than simply exist.


Tarot Terry

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