The Importance Of Letting Go

  It's not uncommon when working with clients for me to advise them to, 'let go', especially if there in a situation where fear is preventing them from moving forward or from missing a significant point. Many of us walk through life with an amazing amount of heavy energy that prevents us from truly being fulfilled. We will remain in a viscous cycle of discontent and suffering; rather than embrace the new potential for fulfillment that is waiting in the unknown. I am becoming more and more aware of how easy it is to choose to hold onto out dated systems of belief about life and love. Life is a gift that is rewarding us all the time by our direct experience with it. We make it up as we go based upon our thoughts and emotional response to it, followed by action.   If this is true, why do so many of us continue to choose to be stuck in a state of misery and false security? We come into this world pure and are immediately filled up with programs, agendas, mind games, unimaginable drama, and then left to fend for ourselves. Making choices as an adult are far more complex than as a child. We are faced with judgments, expectations and peer pressure to perform perfectly. You can feel the weight of the world's conscience more, and you are aware of how much energy it takes to hold yourself together. And this self awareness is the key to creating change if you're willing to let go of the attachments to your past.   When you let go, or release, you are allowing yourself to free up and embrace new and greater potential. You hear more and more these days, how the need to 'unplug' is essential to having a balanced life. Being in a relaxed state calms the chatter and sifts through the clutter we amass over time. With an ever expanding humanity and technology, we need all the time to maintain our balance as much as possible. This is why meditation is such a powerful tool. You can check out just about anywhere and it's free! When you feel free, you make healthier choices that will benefit and support your life story.   In the tarot, The Ace Of Cups, which represents emotional renewal... One of its messages is to make sure your emotional system is clear of old debris, so it's not polluting the new energy experience your desiring. You ever been in a new situation and the same shit filled drama reappears? That's a result of not taking the time to release old emotional ties to the energy dynamic in the prior one(s). Holding on to resentment, pain, distrust will eventually find it's way in the relationships we have. Energy is constantly moving in and around us, creating vortex's that can cause countless results once plugged into.   Are you having issues letting go of your past? Do you feel that you'll be punished if you take a risk and release it? I highly recommend a tarot session or energy healing to get you set up for a clear pathway to a successful outcome. Namaste, Tarot Terry

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