Zen Out

With technologies bridging humanity even closer in relation to each other and the way we're responding is causing radical shifts in our mass collective conscious. Being empathic and intuitive ( can really be challenging on it's own. Then you add an ever expanding technology layer to it... well it's not a cakewalk, to say the least. We are very sensitive folk and embracing our 'inner hermit'

in a modern world is crucial. So it's important to take a 'time out' often this year. We need to be vigilant in being hyper aware of inner being as we are with the physical. Taking time to escape and shut down the chatter of the brain is more important then ever. Zen out.

It's very easy to become overwhelmed and on edge with so many technologies surrounding us now. It's going to be very important this year to spend as much time in nature and quiet spaces as possible. So make sure to create several visits to natural spaces (lakes, parks, farms, forest etc.) and spend an even greater amount of time meditating in 2020. Keep this in mind: "Change is constant, consistent and futile to resist". So go with the flow and learn to trust your intuition more because this year about breaking new ground. Let's go!

This can be done by reading or writing a blog or book, creating something like a piece of art, cooking and baking, dancing, chanting, singing, zoning out to your favorite music, playing a game, having that long overdue spa day and more. It's all about creating a space that is rejuvenating, safe, resourceful and it provides you a 'sweet spot' of peace and joy. It is especially important for those of us plugged into the public and healing industry's to make this a way of life. Mediating, tuning in, zoning and prayer are all the same. They all put us in a place to review, reflect, release and then receive the necessary energies that propel us forward. How do you get to your 'sweet spot'?

Namaste, Love & Light,

Tarot Terry

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