Tarot Terry has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Clairvoyant Readings

I cover all areas that enter my psychic plane and also address any questions you have. Specific tools, mantras, meditation practices, and more are provided at the end of the session.



Energy Readings

Energy readings can produce detailed information about where you are energetically blocked to be able to release and move forward. This is a quick look into the energetic base you're plugged into.


Meditation Techniques & Tools

Weekly meditation classes to heal, enhance, and fortify your life experiences along your path. I personally guide you through various modes and methods that easily apply to your daily life routine. This service is available individually or as a group.

Energy Healing

This service will provide a deep dive into the relationship with your spirit, physical body, and your cosmic tribe. I cover past life contracts via your karmic tale, address the areas that require the attention while realigning you with certain healing energies and replacing your guides if necessary.

House Blessing/Clearing

I help create a grounded and secure sacred space with various tools and techniques to support a healthy environment.

Business Reading and Forecast

This particular session will provide you with the hiring/firing of employees, making investments, company forecast, dealing with contracts, and other day-to-day operations.

Aura Readings

Here I tap into all areas of your aura from colors, textures, and any energies/beings that may be attached to it. Healing is also included in this service. 





Tarot Readings

With the tarot cards, I read all the information that comes into being along with the client's questions. The cards help with themes and insights that the client may miss or simply needed validation on.


Chakra Balancing

This service will maximize your intuitive powers. I highly recommend this service after going through a difficult situation that leaves you feeling off-kilter.

Note* There are seven main chakras in the physical body and eight more outside the body.

Past Life Reading

Here I tap into your past lives and tell you the information on spirit contracts, karmic ties, family issues, partnerships,

current physical issues, and more.

Minister Service

I have the authority to perform marriage ceremonies and more via The Universal Life Church.

Love, Friendship, and Partnerships

I dive into the intentions, unconscious agreements, and other root-sourced information that make the relationship what it is. With these insights, you will have a clearer understanding of the dynamics that are playing out and how to address them.