Our names are Glen and Rhonda, we have known Terry for about 10 years.
We enjoy our continuous friendship with Terry, he has an amazing talent and we are fortunate having him do our readings for many years.
With Terry’s guidance he has helped my husband throughout his career with some key decisions he needed to make to progress in his different job roles.
My husbands readings from Terry have been “spot on”.
For myself, he opened my eyes on all those who have no good intentions on me. He gave me a chakra cleanse and pulled out what felt like knives behind my back. I remember that evening how sick I felt and when I called Terry to ask why, he too was feeling ill. He mentioned that all the back stabbing and bad intentions were all removed, it was a cleansing of all the toxins in my body.
That following morning I felt much better and clarity appeared.
Since then, I have closed doors on those who were toxic to my health and my life. Now, I’m living my life without all the drama and stress around me.
One evening I had an emergency and contacted Terry because I got a call from my mom that my dad went missing. They were at an event with some of our relatives. I felt so helpless, until I thought to call Terry.  On that call he assured me that my dad was in the building and that he was not hurt in anyway. He did say that dad turned the wrong way and ended up in a different area of the building.
I contacted my mom and mentioned what Terry instructed her to do. Eventually, my dad was  found based on the information Terry provided. Thank you to Terry, without him giving me certain details he saw that helped find my dad.
One day my mother in law called me and asked if Terry could help find their only key to their SUV. I contacted Terry, he mentioned that the set of keys were between some wood and leather.  They eventually found it lodged between their lounger which was a combination of wood and leather.
As you may not know, when you get a reading, Terry has to give you the good and bad.
In 2012 I asked Terry if there will be any situations that will prevent our family trip to Hawaii. He said to me that there will be no problems. All of us will have a great time, but this will be the last time some of my family members in our group of 27 will be together.
We are now five less since our trip, I can go on and on with all the readings we had, Terry has helped us and has been a great blessing to our lives.

Thank you, Terry💕

 I’ve been seeking guidance from Terry for almost 10 years. His style and quality of spiritual work is undoubtedly organic and has always resonated with me at every point in my life since I started receiving guidance from him. I believe if you’ve found Terry, you’re being led to him- I personally have come to revere him as family. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a call with Terry and haven’t been in a new place spiritually , personally and mentally. I get off a call with Terry and my ass is kicked into action because I’m changed- My eyes are open. He brings your truth to the forefront and ministers a personalized healing plan of action.

 His intuition is unmatched. He’s predicted so many things throughout the years. In terms of his style of guidance, don’t expect a simple “yes or no” to your “will he or won’t she” questions, except clarity for your confusion and a new way of looking at your current state of being. More importantly, you can tell him anything and you’ll never feel judged.He is a diamond in the rough and I am so glad a friend referred me to him so many years ago! I’ve never doubted his integrity and for that reason, I trust him more than anyone I know.

Tasia G

 I first went to see Terry two months before my first husband, Jim, passed away. I knew he was going to die because he had leukemia and it had returned after being remission for only a short time, but I was in denial. I wanted some help in making sense of all that was happening. After Jim passed, I returned to see Terry again for guidance  and make sure he was alright. Little did I know I was setting out on a very profound spiritual journey. With Terry’s help, my soul was cleansed and I was better to better understand our link to the spiritual world and how our souls navigate the physical world and then beyond. Thanks to help, I have been able to deal with grief and guilt that came with my sense of loss.

 Shortly after Jim passed, I was reconnected with my high school boyfriend, Olin, from 30 years prior. I felt like Jim had put us together because he didn’t want me to be alone. I had dreams and signs, but I was hesitant because it was so close to Jim’s passing. Once again I went to Terry. He confirmed that I was meant to be and that Jim gave me his blessing. A year later we were married and flew Terry to Washington to officiate and bless our marriage ceremony. Needless to say, I consider Terry a special and confident.

 Since  met Terry seven years ago, I have sought counsel with him many times. He has helped me with life decisions, letting go of negative people in my life, and understanding my relationships with people. The main thing he has done for me is to understand myself so that I can tap into my true life path by making good choices to obtain my desired results. I no longer feel like an aimless boat on the ocean. I have goals and a sense of purpose. I have sent friends and family to Terry. They were all amazed at how accurate he was. 

 Thank you, Terry, for all of your wonderful insight and guidance! I always feel refreshed after our sessions. Lots of love and blessings to you my dear friend! 

Rene J

 The first time I went to Terry for a reading, amongst some very clear confirmations, he also interpreted
that I would move to Los Angeles in May. May came and went, I had some obstacles but I knew it so
sure in my heart I’d be going, so I did everything I could think of to prepare myself. By the time
everything fell into place to allow me to move I was in my new car packed to the brim on May 1st the
very next year. There were ailments in specific family members that he could foresee becoming an issue
and a few years later that is exactly what happened, surrounding the exact area of the body and related
to the exact foods they were eating.
 The healing work I also went through in that time via Terry’s chakra clearing and balancing sessions
made way for me both in my mentality and actions, as well as my magnetic level to attract what I wished
to manifest! Terry is extraordinarily gifted and honestly worth far more than he asks! I started seeing
him over 6 years ago and I still come him to for things when I need a little insight, healing or validation to
what I’m already intuitively gathering.
Forever Grateful and due for a healing!

Terry is amazing!  He has helped me for over 9 years from doing readings, to healing, to teaching on how to meditate to balance and how to release negative energies.  He is very knowledgeable and has a way of kindly letting you know WITHOUT sugar-coating it.  Terry had helped me in many ways.  He has taught me how to work with the gifts that we all have and not be scared of them, and be confident using them.  He has clarified many situations where there was confusion.  The best saying I have of Terry’s is “readings are a guide..messages…that doesn’t mean you sit back and wait..you still have to do the work.”  I’ve also had the experience of getting healing from Terry. My experiences with the healing are wonderful! I leave feeling lighter, clearer and better yet, he teaches you how to keep the clarity and how to release.  He is very knowledgeable with crystals and gems and has taught me the value of God’s creations.  I would highly recommend him for those who need guidance or looking on how to learn to balance.  I can’t wait to attend a themed party; I can only imagine how fun that would be.

V Pooni

Terry is amazing! I never was one into tarot/psychic readings and listening to what may potentially be ahead. Honestly, I wasn't a believer, but after two different sessions addressing personal challenges with positive results, I can tell you I have nothing but faith in this man.
I have asked some specific questions, including would I find the love of my life and where? Now here I am, a year and some months later, living the life that he told me was coming. In retrospect, I am beyond thankful. I can assure you that his spot-on advice was more than I could have imagined. Terry put my life path in front of me, so I knew what steps to take and avoid.

Deven P.

I have known Terry for almost 20 years. His readings will not be what you want to hear, but they will be what you need to hear.
A truly gifted intuitive reader does not allow the client to manipulate the reading, so if this is what you are looking for, you may need to seek another reader. Getting to the root source of your concern is his intention.
Completely down to earth, easy to connect with, and open up to, I would have to say that most of what has been shared with me during past readings has happened anywhere from a few months from the session to even as fast as a few days!
You get what you put into a reading, so my best advice is to be clear on what you need to know, focus and come with pure intentions (meaning ask for YOUR OWN highest good /spiritual growth); you will get the best reading this way, I guarantee it.
Be prepared to receive unique insights and be open to intense energy shifts when you book a session with Terry!

Emi B

Terry came into my life when I was going through the toughest in my life, starting with the pandemic to personal issues. He is very intuitive, and his readings are always on point. Terry also provides practical tips and suggestions to integrate into my daily life to help me navigate my life daily.

I also have been attending weekly meditation classes with Terry on Saturdays, and these sessions have exponentially improved my life. From being a hectic person, I have become more grounded and focused. He helped me to tap into my power and be my authentic self. 

Thank you, Terry, for guiding me to my truth and providing the tools to stay there.

Santa B

 As someone committed to their personal healing, I have found Terry's insights extremely helpful, healing and encouraging. Terry has known things without my sharing, which has given me full faith in his readings and healings. In addition, he has shared information on my past lives and relationships that have felt accurate. I have been seeing Terry for about a year and a half, and I tell all my friends about him.

Dominique T